Discover The Beauty Of Hand Painted Lifestyle Pieces By Awardee Indian Artisans

Revel in the art of timelessness with Craft Maestros, as the supreme skill of Indian artisans take you on a cultural journey. 


Hand paintings have been a part of Indian artistry since thousands of years ago, and have always been intriguing and mesmerizing. The origin can be traced to other varieties of tribal art, where natural materials were used to create drawings and paintings. Handmade paintings on everyday lifestyle products vary in composition, color, and style, and such variations heavily rely on the stories the paintings are telling. 


Ever since the advent of paintings, the tribals and contemporary artists in the Indian subcontinent have always narrated stories and episodes through this exquisite handcraft. Though strikingly different from one another, and dawning a whole new unique aesthetic, each piece exhibits a definite Indianness in the sheer dexterity of the flawless strokes of paint. 


In our latest collection, we introduce quirky, colorful decor and tableware that features hand paintings by Awardee artisan Suman Sonthalia. 


Suman is an award-winning artist, presented with the President's National Award for Master Craftsperson in 2011, State Award in 2010 and State Merit Award in 2009. She draws inspiration from history, fantasy and folklore to create masterpieces for discerning aficionados worldwide. 


Explore the gorgeousness of hand painted products that are perfect to add some color and life to your home this summer. Discover the beauty created by India’s finest artisans on a variety of lifestyle pieces. 


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