Mens And Womens Winter Accessories

The Winter season calls for layering of clothes so that you’re warm and cosy at work, going out or while staying at home. To beat the cold in style, you need some additional winter accessories apart from your coats and sweaters. There are quite a few winter accessories to keep you warm and at the same time elevate your style. These winter accessories bring the overall look together when styled right. There are a bunch of style variations to suit your personal style and preferences. Here is a little styling guide for adding winter accessories to your wardrobe. .....


When it comes to Indian ethnic wear, shawls are the best winter accessories to go for. Whether it’s your saree for a festive occasion or otherwise you can layer it up with a good shawl and you’re good to go without feeling cold. It is all about layering and choosing clothing pieces and winter accessories the right way.

Handcrafted shawls make more of a style statement with their intricate designs and premium quality. It can give quite an interesting touch of tradition to your look. Handcrafted can look very stylish as a fusion look as well. Pair your trousers or jeans with a basic shirt or t-shirt and layer a shawl over it, add some light Indian jewellery and you have a casual fusion and a classic winter look. For men, shawls add a royal and classic touch to any outfit whether it is an ethnic kurta or for a similar fusion look, pair it up with your trousers and shirt or t-shirt.


Mufflers are a great winter accessory when the temperature drops down, keep yourself warm with mufflers. They are a must if you live in cold areas but also add a stylish touch to your winter looks at the same time being utilitarian. They can be worn over any outfit and they will add an extra layer for warmth and style.

There is a lot of variety of mufflers available in the market but handcrafted mufflers are unique in their making and hence gives an elevated look in comparison to machines made mufflers. Handcrafted mufflers are made extensively with care and crafted with skills and creativity.


If you want something lighter than shawls for your winter accessories, Stole is the best option to go for since they provide perfect warmth and lighter in weight. You can amp up your winter accessories by choosing from a variety of colours when it comes to stoles. When it comes to styling stoles, they are very flexible to fit in with any outfit whether it is your ethic outfits or western.

Wrap over your stole with any basic outfit and elevate the complete look. Handcrafted stoles give a more accentuated look so choose handcrafted stoles. They can be very handy in your winter accessories. Or for those winters day when the sun is out and you just need an extra layer when it is cold in the evening. Stoles can be your best bet for winter accessories.

Handwoven shawls can be a perfect gift. Check our Kavisha Handwoven Shawl. This beautiful mustard yellow shawl is handwoven from Kutch of Gujrat, India. The traditional dhabla design is crafted with love and care and gives a unique embroidered look to the shawl. This colour is perfect for winter accessories for a pop of colour on grey, cold winter days. Our Master Artisans are nationally awarded and globally renowned for their art, so you can be ensured of the premium quality and craft of the pieces.

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