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Wall hooks are quite underrated when it comes to home decor. The best part about wall hooks and wall hangers is that they hardly take any space and are great for utility. Did it ever occur to you that in spite of being small, some wall hooks and hangers can greatly affect the aesthetics of your place? With our collection of wall hooks online, you can explore all sorts of possibilities to spruce up your interiors with little changes here and there. ...

Wall Hooks at Craft Maestros

We take pride in our artisanal collection of brass hooks and blue pottery hooks. Wall hangers and hooks are an integral part of wall decor and we ensure that you get nothing but the best out of it Buy from our artisanal collection coming from the homes of nationally awarded artisans. Our beautiful collection comprises blue pottery wall hooks and brass wall hangers.

Blue Pottery Wall Hooks

Undoubtedly, blue pottery is not only one of the most celebrated craft of India but also marks its name in the top three most exported handicrafts of India.

Sea Rose Wall Hook:

An elegant combination of blue and yellow colour, this wall hook can be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Daisy Wall Hook:

Commonly found in Europe, daisies are some of the most pleasant flowers. Inspired by these flowers is this radiant wall hook.

Olea Door Wall Hooks:

Inspired by the design of chocolate cosmos, a flower that is native to Mexico, these hooks will liven up your walls or doors. The earthly design will add a rustic vibe to your home.

Sunny Door Wall Hooks

Geraniums are symbols of happiness and positive emotions, bring some positive vibes in your home with these geranium hooks!

Design: With a bright amber base contrasting with vibrant blue geraniums, these hooks will add a tinge of colour to your space. These clay hooks will help you keep all your keys and scarves at one place.

Brass Wall Hooks

The alloy brass has been known for providing us with a lot of daily utility objects. From dinnerware to hinges, you can rely on brass for a lot of things. Check out our collection of brass hangers and hooks online

Exquisite Mor Hanger:

In the figure of a peacock, this hanger is finely engraved with attention paid to the detailing of each feather and scale. The detailed design makes for an exquisite piece of wall decor.

Champa Leaf Hanger

Delicately crafted to perfection, you can feel the motif of leaves against your palm.

Chilbil Leaf Hanger:

Inspired by the leaves of Indian Elm (Chilbil), every vein of this regal leaf hanger was carved with skilled hands and chisels in brass.

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