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  1. Cerulean Rajput Jewellery Set
    Cerulean Rajput Jewellery Set
    ₹ 19,494
  2. Celestial Jewellery Set
    Celestial Jewellery Set
    ₹ 19,494
  3. Ara Jewellery Set
    Ara Jewellery Set
    ₹ 73,298
  4. Cynric Jewellery Set
    Cynric Jewellery Set
    ₹ 44,447
  5. Sonali Jewellery Set
    Sonali Jewellery Set
    ₹ 47,565
  6. Advika Jewellery Set
    Advika Jewellery Set
    ₹ 14,036
  7. Royal Sindoori Jewellery Set
    Royal Sindoori Jewellery Set
    ₹ 47,565
  8. Harmony Jewellery Set
    Harmony Jewellery Set
    ₹ 37,428
  9. Azure Jewellery Set
    Azure Jewellery Set
    ₹ 30,411
  10. Anupama Jewellery Set
    Anupama Jewellery Set
    ₹ 68,619

10 Items

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Thewa Jewellery Sets Online

Emerged during the Mughal era in Rajasthan, Thewa jewellery is one of the finest and most precious jewellery forms of India. Intricate metal designs are set into molten colourful glass and then shaped to form elegant pieces that elude a distinctly feminine charm. Thewa jewellery sets can make anyone look and feel like royalty while being extremely comfortable at the same time. Craft Maestros’s Thewa sets are among the most stunning and affordable Thewa jewellery sets online today. These jewellery sets are crafted keeping the modern woman in mind, who is stylish, glamorous, traditional, and confident. ...

The Roots of Thewa Jewellery Set

More than 400 years old craft, Thewa jewellery making has been catching the fancy of people with its intricate designs, colourful presentation, and the touch of royalty. Originated in Rajasthan, these jewellery sets, including necklaces and earrings, were quite a regular presence among the wardrobe of kings and queens. It was, in fact, one of the costliest crafts of those times, created by setting designs on 24K gold on molten colourful glasses. Each piece took days to be completed and turned out to be absolutely unique.

However, its costly nature faded it from the market after some time. It was then revived by modern Indian designers who founded alternate materials instead of 24K gold that could give the same effect. And Thewa jewellery became a much-prized possession for modern women.

Craft Maestros Thewa jewellery sets online are a stunning recreation of the age old craft, revived by trained designers and extremely skilled artisans. These exquisite handcrafted Thewa jewellery pieces are perfect for every occasion and go well with both Indian and western looks.

Purchase The Best Thewa Jewellery Sets Online

The traditional art form of Thewa jewellery making has been very beautifully adapted by the artisans at CraftsMaestros, who are trying their best to keep the craft alive. The traditional abstract and natural motifs of Thewa art are given a modern touch by experimenting with materials, colours, and presentation.

The Thewa jewellery sets including earrings and necklaces are set in beautiful modern colours. The versatile collection contains bright, muted, and contemporary pieces. The chain style of the necklaces is also quite unique, set in pearls and other precious material.

The designs are such that they can also be carried on a day-to-day basis with fusion and Indian looks. The jewellery is quite easy to carry and friendly to the skin. The earrings are lightweight and will keep your ears happy.

These intricate pieces are all about igniting a sense of grace and pride in Indian traditions and handicrafts that are catching a global fantasy now. Curated by award-winning designers, Craft Maestros are the perfect gifting and self-styling options that suit modern women. These pieces reflect the spirit of today’s ladies who are confident, versatile, and in touch with their roots. You can purchase these Thewa jewellery sets online at affordable rates. These authentic fancy Thewa jewellery sets will make you fall in love with their exceptional looks and finesse.

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