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  1. Anavarna Earrings
    Anavarna Earrings
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    Bhadra Rabari Earrings
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  3. Varnin Rabari Earrings
    Varnin Rabari Earrings
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  4. Peelo Dangling Earrings
    Peelo Dangling Earrings
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    Darzata Earrings
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Glass Bead Earrings

Beaded earrings are a fashion accessory that can instantly make you look ethereal and graceful. The stunning artefacts sparkle a unique charm that is enough to spectacle anyone. These handmade ornaments are ruling the fancy jewellery segment with their uniqueness. The affordable beaded earrings made of shiny glass pieces strung together can be a great addition to your day-to-day as well as festive looks. The graceful glamour of these earrings has made them a desirable entity for ladies across all age groups. ...

The art of making beaded glass jewellery is celebrated in the most vibrant way at Craft Maestros that includes all the latest design and patterns in their collection. This online store is a one-of-a-kind place that has the most visually appealing and ethereal handmade glass bead earrings for sale at affordable rates.

The Graceful Beads Of Glass

Making beaded glass jewellery is a handicraft that has been prominent in India for centuries now. The most famous designs come from the Gujarati craftspeople who make Moti Bharat style of earrings, inflecting bright colours and abstract patterns in the designs. These ornamental pieces are so graceful in the appeal that they can insinuate a womanly charm with the spectrum of colours that they reflect. These beautiful creations are the perfect way to celebrate the femininity and grace of today’s women.

Modern designs of artificial beaded glass earrings are all about celebrating the spirit of an independent woman who is constantly making a statement with her actions. She is taking great hold of her responsibilities and celebrating her passions while celebrating the beauty she has been naturally blessed with.

The beaded glass earrings are perfect for day-to-day use as the stunning designs work well with Indian as well as western and professional outfits. They are easy to carry because they are lightweight and very simple to wear. The glass bead earrings come in stunning natural and artificial colours that make them even more desirable.

The Best Glass Bead Earrings Online

Craft Maestros is the perfect place to end your search for elegant and bespoke glass bead earrings online. Curated by world-class designers who have spent considerable time researching the craft and creating their own signature pieces, glass bead earrings by CraftMaestros are the most beautiful addition to your wardrobe.

Every set of earrings in this vibrant collection is inspired by the age-old Gujarati craft and is handwoven using the most vibrant pieces of glass beads. They are strung together with meticulous precision, creating patterns that are absolutely new to the market. The artisans are well-trained in the craft and spent several hours conceptualising and creating the pieces.

The vibrant collection suits every mood and occasion with the versatility it imbibes. The affordable glass bead earrings online are some of the most beautiful pieces available in the online market right now. The pocket-friendly collection will make you shop till you drop and the pieces can be a great addition to your vanity.

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