Glass Bead Jewellery

Having a vast history of more than 3500 years, artificial jewellery made up of glass beads is one of the most delicate and beautiful ornaments ever. The shiny surface of the glass and the resulting spectrum of colours these beads create is a ravishing treat to the eyes. What makes this accessory an integral part of the modern style for women is the accessibility and ease of carrying it offers. Glass bead jewellery is a perfect fit for day-to-day use and can help you stand out from the rest during festivities too. It’s aesthetic, classy, affordable, and works well with all the looks. Glass bead necklaces and glass bead earrings are the most popular jewellery pieces in vogue these days. ...

The History Of Glass Beads Fashion Jewellery

The tradition of using glass beads as a substitute for gems in jewellery started way back in 3500 BCE in Mesopotamia. The Phoenician and Egyptian art patrons pioneered the usage of glass beads in jewellery making and the craft soon travelled to Rome, Greece, Bohemia, ancient China, Japan, and obviously India. The sheer beauty and magnificence of the material paired with the easy affordability made glass bead jewellery a common staple as soon as they hit the market.

It was in the nineteenth century that Vaniya and Bohra merchants introduced the colourful Venetian beads to Gujarat. The beads soon found a place in the traditional embroideries done by the tribal Kathi community. Soon, the craft developed to be named Moti Bharat and entered the jewellery making market too. The stunning pieces, intricately woven using metal threads converted into one of the most popular jewellery types in the region. The rest of the country soon picked up on the trend.

Making of Glass Bead Jewellery

As simple and affordable the artificial glass bead jewellery is, the technique of creating them is equally complicated. The glass beads are made by melting the glass and winding it in the form of a bead. Alternate methods include drawing molten glass to form a long thin tube, which is later cut into multiple beads, and by placing the glass in moulds and heating in a kiln until it fuses together. Metallic Oxides are used to add pigment and colour to these beads.

The glass bead jewellery is then made by stringing the beads together using metallic threads and creating intricate motifs and patterns.

The Best Glass Bead Jewellery Online

Craft Maestros offers the most stunning glass bead jewellery online. The pieces are handcrafted, with every single bead curated with expert finesse. The collection is inspired by the Moti Bharat crafting of glass beads, taking from its earlier Gujarati roots. The designs incorporate traditional motifs, including flowers, leaves, and abstract shapes. The colours are vibrant and each piece is quite versatile. They can be the perfect addition to your daily look. Carrying this jewellery is extremely comfortable and easy. The artisans spend several hours creating every single piece with their hands and each design has a unique touch to it.

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