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  1. Kara Kangan
    Kara Kangan
    ₹ 2,920
  2. Zasana Kundan Kangan
    Zasana Kundan Kangan
    ₹ 2,920
  3. Tapa Tarala Kangan
    Tapa Tarala Kangan
    ₹ 4,542
  4. Revati Kundan Kangan
    Revati Kundan Kangan
    ₹ 5,408
  5. Kataka Kangan
    Kataka Kangan
    ₹ 3,245
  6. Daiva Valaya Kangan
    Daiva Valaya Kangan
    ₹ 2,704
  7.  Kundan Ranisa Kangan
    Kundan Ranisa Kangan
    ₹ 4,867
  8. Kundan Ranisa Kada
    Kundan Ranisa Kada
    ₹ 5,299
  9. Polki Kundan Bangle
    Polki Kundan Bangle
    ₹ 4,218
  10. Brass Coral Bangle
    Brass Coral Bangle
    ₹ 4,218
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10 Items

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Fashion Bangle

An inseparable part of the Indian culture, bangles -- also known as Kangan -- are the most common piece of jewellery in any woman’s ornament collection. A simple circlet made of metals or glass, fashion bangle is a versatile jewellery piece that works well with both traditional and formal dressing. They have been a tight part of the Indian pop culture too, with songs being written about them and elaborate scenes picturising women getting ready. They, in fact, were the original meet-cute catalysts in the Indian media. All this has made the ornament a tight part of the sense & sensibilities of all the Indian women. ...

In modern times, artificial bangles are a huge hit among customers who are looking to stay trendy and experiment with their looks frequently. Artificial bangles’ online shopping is a trend that is frequently picking up.

The Cultural Prestige

Bangles have great cultural significance too and history traces the roots of bangles in Indian soil to times immortal. One of the key findings at Mohenjodaro has been the bronze dancing girl figurine -- a nude woman wearing bangles in both her arms. Even Hindu scriptures have shown goddesses wearing bangles in their arms. They also have a great significance for the brides and married women in the subcontinent. A part of the revered solah shringar, fashion bangles or kangan mark a woman’s relationship and commitment with her husband.

The ornament has a great cultural significance in Islam and other religions as well. There has been historical evidence of queen Noor Jehan designing a Kangan for herself. Even in the modern designs, one can see the reflections of Mughal style motifs, and sensibilities.

The Modern Kangan

This traditional ornament has made a significant place for itself in the modern world too. Separating itself from the cultural roots, the timeless jewellery piece has fixed itself in the vanity of women across all age groups and profiles. The Kangan artificial designs are so versatile that they can work well with both Indian and western looks. The simplicity of the ornament remains in its functionality and the intricate designing that is required to make it perfect.

Buy the most beautiful artificial Kangan online

Craft Maestros has the best Kangan artificial designs available. These handcrafted pieces are meticulously made by skilled award-winning artisans. The site has a distinct collection of kundan, brass, and polki artificial fashion bangles online.

The art of making a perfect Kangan requires rigorous practice and finesse in hand. Right from getting the shape and size right to ornamenting the girth of the piece, artisans spend hours altogether to craft each piece to perfection. The designs are made by some of the best jewellery designers in the industry who know how to marry traditional sensibilities with modern taste.

These exquisite pieces will become a treasured part of your jewellery collection with their intricate designing. The weight and surface of each Kangan are engineered in a way to make them easy to carry. The designs are suited to match every type of outfit and mood. The elegance that each piece reflects will add up to your grace and personality.

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