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  1. Solasta Labradorite Ring
    Solasta Labradorite Ring
    ₹ 3,760
  2. Fargin Labradorite Ring
    Fargin Labradorite Ring
    ₹ 3,451
  3. Naz Labradorite Ring
    Naz Labradorite Ring
    ₹ 2,730
  4. Faodail Labradorite Ring
    Faodail Labradorite Ring
    ₹ 3,760
  5. Abendrot Labradorite Ring
    Abendrot Labradorite Ring
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  6. Halcyon Labradorite Ring
    Halcyon Labradorite Ring
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Labradorite Ring

Unravelling the beauty and magic of the higher consciousness, Labradorite has a fascinating and otherworldly charm that never fails to amaze people. The gemstone was officially discovered in 1770 in Labrador, Canada. However, its otherworldly beauty took no time to make it a popular gem all over the world. ...

Today, the gemstone is one of the most coveted stones that is carved into a stunning collection of rings. Available in an array of cold-spectrum colours, Labradorite has a spectacular flash of brilliant colours. CraftsMaestros is a great option to purchase some of the exclusive pieces of Labradorite. Each and every Labradorite ring is 100% authentic and has been exquisitely handcrafted by award-winning artisans.

A Blend of Magnificence and Mystics

Due to its unbelievable colours and hue, Labradorite is often associated with Northern Lights. The stones that vary from dark to light grey and grey-green to bluish grey certainly reflect the grandeur of Northern Light. The inner heart of this gemstone also glows with iridescent hues of blue, green, gold and copper red. This phenomenon of colour flashes is also known as “labradorescence" which is caused by the tiny fractures inside the stone. They continuous reflection of lights ends up with dispersing a dazzling array of colours whose one glimpse is enough to make you its admirer.

As if the colours were not enough to enhance the magnificence, Labradorite is also linked with mystical powers. People often refer to Labradorite as the stone of magic. A legend also says that labradorite is the Aurora Borealis cast in the rock. In fact, it traces its roots back to early shamanism. The stone aids in activating your inner magical power and give you a sense of adventure. It is also believed that the stone is closely associated with throat chakra and has healing properties.

To bring the magnificence and mystical connection together, CraftsMaestros has been craving excellent rings that speaks of fine craftsmanship. Each of the Labradorite ring is handcrafted by the talented in-house artisans. The artisans have given each ring a new identity by also adding an Indian touch. Browse the collection and you will find yourself in a pool of aesthetically-carved rings you would not want to miss.

Buy Exquisite Labradorite Rings Online

A stunning Labradorite ring is a treasure one must have in their jewellery collection. The ring not only adds elegance to your attire but also endows you with positive and powerful vibes. CraftsMaestros is your ultimate destination to purchase authentic and meticulously hand carved rings online at affordable prices. Every single piece exhibits the talent of CraftsMaestros designers and artisans. 

Browse the beguiling collection of Labradorite rings and you will find some of the best and high-quality one-of-a-kind jewellery at great prices. The rings are designed by qualified and experienced professionals in such a way that they can complement both traditional and western ensemble. The sheer elegance and intricacies of the stone itself makes it a must-have. You can also gift these rings to someone special and bring auspiciousness in their lives.

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