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  1. Kalon Labradorite Pendant
    Kalon Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,451
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  2. Ataraxia Labradorite Pendant
    Ataraxia Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,245
  3. Cafune Labradorite Pendant
    Cafune Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,451
  4. Merak Labradorite Pendant
    Merak Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,245
  5. Ruhe Labradorite Pendant
    Ruhe Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,760
  6. Yugen Labradorite Pendant
    Yugen Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,245

6 Items

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Hand Carved Labradorite Pendants Online

The personal attention and love that makers and artisans infuse into their work is evident in the masterpieces that they create......

Hand crafted jewellery is more apt an investment than mass produced pieces. Hand carved pendants add a human infused love and attention to an art that’s impossible to get in a product honed in a factory setting.

Labradorite pendants stand out amongst hand carved pendants for their remarkable internal flashes of colours. Labradorescence, as the brilliant shine is called, is one of the features that makes labradorite pendants unique. What adds to the uniqueness is that the hand carved pendants are made one piece at a time, each one especially crafted for its wearer.

The semi-precious stones shine peacock blue, coppery red, pale green and gold when light reflects over the surface. Handcrafted by finest artisans, labradorite pendants at Craft Maestros are strikingly beautiful. The stone is one of its kind, and every hand carved pendant is sourced directly from award-winning master craftsmen from all over India. Original hand carved rings at online platforms are a rarity, and Craft Maestros promises authenticity and a human touch. Some of the most beautiful labradorite pendants are made available on the site. Craft Maestros has curated Hand carved rings online with an aesthetic value that surpasses their material prices.

The unique light refracting properties of the labradorite pendants make them one of the most popular gemstones. The hand carved pendants are not just pleasing to look at, they are also known for their healing properties. The beauty and positivity the perfectly crafted pieces bring make them a favourite worldwide.

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