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  1. Kalon Labradorite Pendant
    Kalon Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,451
  2. Solasta Labradorite Ring
    Solasta Labradorite Ring
    ₹ 3,760
  3. Ataraxia Labradorite Pendant
    Ataraxia Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,245
  4. Fargin Labradorite Ring
    Fargin Labradorite Ring
    ₹ 3,451
  5. Cafune Labradorite Pendant
    Cafune Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,451
  6. Naz Labradorite Ring
    Naz Labradorite Ring
    ₹ 2,730
  7. Merak Labradorite Pendant
    Merak Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,245
  8. Ruhe Labradorite Pendant
    Ruhe Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,760
  9. Faodail Labradorite Ring
    Faodail Labradorite Ring
    ₹ 3,760
  10. Yugen Labradorite Pendant
    Yugen Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,245
  11. Ziti Hand-Carved Earrings
    Ziti Hand-Carved Earrings
    ₹ 370
  12. Mecaka Hand-Carved Earrings
    Mecaka Hand-Carved Earrings
    ₹ 554

Items 1-12 of 20

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Bone jewelry Online

One of the oldest types of jewellery, bone jewelry is undoubtedly one of the most precious and beautiful forms of ornament. What started as a trend in prehistoric time successfully merged into the modern world for sheer beauty and sustainable presence. This hand-carved jewellery is a big hit these days as well. Another very popular form of fancy hand-carved jewellery that is ruling the fancy of the young women of today is Labradorite, a stone that was first discovered in Canada in the 1770s. Its kaleidoscopic luminescence can leave everyone enchanted. ...

Craft Maestros creates some of the most surreal and functional hand-carved necklaces and hand-carved bone pendants along with stylish pieces made from Labradorite. The online collection is a tribute to the never-dying beauty of the handicrafts that are ornamenting women with grace since times immemorial. Every single item on the CraftsMaestros website is a promise of authenticity, world-class designing, a tribute to the Indian handicrafts, and a perfect fit for the fearlessly stylish women of today.

Hand-Carved Jewellery Online

There is a different charm that hand-carved jewellery has. The elegant designs and the hard work that goes behind them make it all the more special. On top of that, if it’s made from eco-friendly and sustainable material like bones and Labradorite stones, this jewellery also leaves a better impact on society.

Craft Maestros, in its endeavour to keep the traditional handicraft alive and present to the modern, woke, and responsible women with sustainable fashion solutions has created a stunning collection of hand-carved bone jewelry and hand-made Labradorite jewellery.

Crafted with meticulous precision by an army of skilled artisans, under the aegis of award-winning designers, these jewellery pieces are enchanting, graceful, and a specimen of sheer beauty.

Buy Stunning Handmade Bone & Labradorite Jewellery Online

Craft Maestros versatile collection of handmade jewellery includes ravishing hand-carved bone pendants, hand-carved necklaces, Labradorite earrings, Labradorite pendants, Labradorite Rings, and much more.

Every single piece is a reflection of the brand’s commitment to preserving the virtue and depths of the Indian handicrafts and arts. One can see hard work, dedication, and a superior design sense lurking from these artistic pieces.

The designs are a contemporary take on the early-day motifs that included natural inspirations and the skill of storytelling. The hand-carved earrings are super light and a delight to wear. These can accentuate all forms of looks and will make you stand out on every occasion. The intricate designs and marvellous detailings on every single piece will leave you spellbound.

Every piece of Craft Maestros hand-carved jewellery online passes through stringent quality checks and only the best of them reach the end customer. Priced at affordable rates these handmade jewellery sets are a must-have in your collection. They are also a stunning gifting option.

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