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Banarasi Saree 

Ever wondered about the charm of banarasi sarees? The premium look of banarasi sarees is unmatchable. Banarasi sarees are famous throughout India and across their world for their unique grace and beauty. These sarees are made of silk fabric with gold or silver zari work. You will definitely know when someone is wearing a good banarasi saree. ...

Banarasi sarees are typically considered as something to be part of the bridal attire but contemporary trends have made banarasi sarees as chic traditional wear to ace any event or festive occasion. You can never go wrong with a classic banarasi saree. Banarasi saree online are available in pure silk fabric as well as silk based fabrics like cotton silk if you want to go light with the fabric.

So what do you look for in a good Banarasi saree while buying a handwoven banarasi saree online?

Always look for the source of the saree you’re buying, from where it is handwoven from. The authenticity of a Banarasi saree remains intact if its from the region where it is originated from, that is, Banaras. With the digital world and the immense use of online shopping, you can have the luxury of sourcing an authentic banarasi saree from Banaras.

Here is a glance at our exclusive banarasi sarees, each having its unique beauty to add to your wardrobe-

Tabassum Banarasi Saree

This mint-green banarasi saree is made from Monga Silk with golden zari work all over it handcrafted in Banaras. Strike an elegant look with this Tabassum Banarasi Saree, handwoven traditionally by our skilled craftsmen carefully over a span of 15-30 days. You can pair this saree with some light gold jewellery and you have an impeccable look to turn heads. This saree gives a look of traditional met contemporary and can be your stylish purchase this festive season. It comes with a blouse so you need not worry about all the hassle that comes with stitching or buying blouses separately. Browse our website for more options.

Tishnagi Banarasi Saree

This bright gorgeous banarasi saree made from Monga Silk is perfect for your festive look to add colour to your festivity. The yellow and pink thin borders give a beautiful contrast and compliment the colour of the saree. Our Tishnagi Banarasi Saree is a breeze of freshness and takes your ethnic wear game, a level up. Pair it up with some fresh flowers on your hair and make a complete festive look with this classic banarasi saree. For accessories, you can opt for anything of your preference because this saree is versatile for multiple looks that you can go for.

Ibtida Banarasi Saree

This blue saree is essential to have in your wardrobe because this banarasi saree is timeless. This beautiful banarasi saree adorned with intricate black and golden zari work looks stunning for the festive season. Our Ibtida Banarasi Saree is made from Monga Silk and is perfect to pair with some silver jewellery to dazzle up your festivity. Our skilled craftsmen put their creativity and skills together to offer you this luxurious saree which is absolutely mesmerising any way you wear it.

With Banarasi Sarees you need not worry about what is in vogue their beauty lies in their timeless charm and exquisite handwoven craft. Having a Banarasi saree is a must if you’re a saree lover and collect beautiful sarees that pass on to generation to come not as material possession but of tradition, care and love. Our renowned craftsmen maintain that promise of tradition and authenticity with their dedicated craft explicitly for you. Let these banarasi sarees be your reminder of tradition and our diverse customs and traditions that have been passing on for ages.

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