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    Kumuda Chanderi Saree (with Blouse)
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    Pratika Chanderi Saree (with Blouse)
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    Payodhi Chanderi Saree (with Blouse)
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    Varidhi Chanderi Saree (with Blouse)
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    Ravista Chanderi Saree (with Blouse)
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    Tivra Chanderi Saree (with Blouse)

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Buy Handmade Saree Online and Exude Elegance!

The saree is one of the most celebrated and most worn piece of clothing in India. Its earliest mention was found in sacred Hindu texts and epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. However, sarees were also worn during the Indus Valley Civilization. Although the garment has come to be viewed as predominantly Indian attire, it has been influenced by several cultures. From the Mughals to the Aryans, every big settlement by every big dynasty was thought to have had a massive influence on the Indian saree. The current six yards saree that we see today, which is draped across the waist, chest and the shoulder, paired with a petticoat and a blouse, was developed in the post-Mughal timeline...

Along with chanderi silk sarees online, Craft Maestros’ wide collection also brings to your doorstep the elegance and rich personality tussar silk sarees online. Drape these exquisitely handmade sarees and become the star of every evening! With a gamut of colours and an even wider range of designs and motifs, our collection of sarees are sure to take your breath away! Each saree which is a part of this collection comes from the home of a National Awardee or Padma Shree Master Artisan, ensuring that you receive only the finest products, precisely handmade and mindfully curated for you.

Unique Chanderi Saree

Made in Chanderi, a town in Madhya Pradesh, these handmade saree feature a soft, breathy fabric along with stunning designs and colours. These unique chanderi sarees are among the finest quality sarees in India and are well known for their floral art, geometric designs and for their gold, zari, silver brocade and fine silk embroidery. We at Craft Maestros offer you a beautiful spread of these sarees. Choose any saree for your wardrobe and pair it with our handmade jewelry to emit radiance into any room you walk into. A breathable fabric makes these sarees lightweight and suitable for any occasion and any season! From contemporary to traditional designs, Chanderi silk sarees online are a rarity especially with the stunning prints and designs we offer. Hand block printed from the exotic lanes of Jaipur are these stunning sarees, a reflection of the rich tradition of the crafts in our country. Our team at Craft Maestros realizes that you deserve the best and thus, we bring to you a broad variety of Chanderi sarees online.

Pair our Peacock Chanderi Saree with our Polki Kundan Bangle and flaunt a perfect attire! If you are a fan of statements rings with saree, then flaunt our Ivory Floral Chanderi Saree or Verdant Chanderi Silk Saree with our Royal Gold Ring. A part of our collection of chanderi sarees, Midnight Blue Saree is the perfect amalgamation of contemporary aesthetic in one of the most traditional attires of India.

Tussar Silk Sarees online

One of the richest fabrics used for sarees in India is tussar silk, originating in the medieval times. Tussar sarees are an absolute favourite among all saree enthusiasts and are a must-have in your wardrobe! Valued for their rich, natural colour and wonderful texture, Tussar silk sarees online come in wide varieties and are popular in several countries. Produced from the larvae of a special species of silkworm, the lustrous quality of these Tussar silk sarees has made Indian the second largest producer of this type of saree. Our collection of these exuberant sarees feature the time-honoured craft of block printing along with the extremely intricate craft of Shibori. Both of these crafts make for charming sarees in radiant colours and designs. Each saree which is a part of Craft Maetros’ collection of Tussar silk sarees online is handmade by our nationally-recognized master artisans after which it is handpicked by our team keeping in mind the contemporary aesthetics along with the traditional personality of the craft.

Buy handmade sarees online

Since ages, sarees have represented the epitome of grace, beauty, poise and elegance. It boasts of a rich history and is currently the most worn garment in India. With us at Craft Maestros, you have the best options to choose from and the convenience of having it delivered to your doorstep. To add to the incentive is our premium quality along with our certificate of authenticity that comes with each product of ours. The beauty of unique chanderi silk sarees available on our website are followed by the sheer elegance and sophistication of Tussar silk sarees online. From rustic colours and patterns to modern prints and embroidery, these handmade sarees are sure to cater to all your needs for a look that you yearn for. We understand that you deserve the best quality products and thus we bring to you this stunning collection of handmade sarees for your perusal.


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