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Shibori Dupatta Online

Shibori Dupattas are known for the Japanese technique used for making them, which is similar to tie-dye. The three-dimensional effect of the print on Shibori dupattas is achieved by different ways of shaping the cloth and securing it. The fabric used for this specific handcrafted technique generally is light and easy to handle. The dye used traditionally is natural indigo there are other variants available now like fermented leaves of other plants. The shibori technique in Japan dates back to the 8th century. Thus, coming from a long history of the tradition. The desired patterns are achieved by different methods of bind, stitch, fold and twist. ...

The beauty of the print comes from the carefully crafted and designed techniques to achieve a certain pattern or print. Shibori Chanderi Dupattas are soft, lightweight and easy to wear and handle. Shibori Dupattas are a great way to incorporate a rich tradition and embellished prints in your style.

Styling a shibori dupatta

Shibori dupattas can be a great buy to add some beautiful prints and colours to your ethnic wear. You can make the classic white Kurti look more fun by pairing it up with a shibori dupatta. A handcrafted dupatta has its own charm, a touch of luxury and premium quality. The ease and breezy quality of the shibori dupatta is great for your summer’s wardrobe.

Taijasa Shibori Chanderi Dupatta

This pink shibori Chanderi dupatta is like an element of freshness to add to your outfit. The simple print on this Taijasa shibori dupatta can be perfect for a minimal and casual look. The craft of shibori is exquisitely handcrafted by our nationally awarded master artisan. The traditional pattern is complemented by the golden border.

Our Taijasa Shibori dupatta is a great fit for a number of styles from traditional to fusion wear. This is a versatile piece when it comes to styling. This dupatta is great for summers and spring because it’s light and breezy. Bold, bright colours are in trend and this dupatta will absolutely fit the trend of incorporating colours in your outfit. The premium quality of this dupatta will elevate your style.

Ayasa Shibori Chanderi Dupatta

This rust hue dupatta is a classic piece and looks stunning with its sheen and unique design. Ayasa Shibori Chanderi dupatta is crafted by our master artisan with utmost care and love. Wear the authenticity of Shibori art and add the touch of royalty and premium quality to your ethnic outfit. The dusty metallic hues of the design complement the rustic colour of the fabric with hand-knotted fringes at the end.

This dupatta can be styled for festive occasions and casual fits too. For festive look wear accessories like earrings and neckpiece to accentuate the overall look. The golden in the dupatta truly brings out that bright festive look. For a more casual look, you can drape this dupatta on a white kurti and you are good to look your best and add that accent of style and tradition to your monotonous daily wear outfits.

Leaf Motif Shibori Chanderi Dupatta

This purple base coloured dupatta speaks true to shibori tradition with its leaf motifs. This unique Shibori dupatta has its own charm. The golden stripes at the border of the dupatta compliment the purple hue and the whites of the print go well together too. This dupatta is a must-have as addition of tradition and craft to your outfit.

This Leaf Motif Shibori chanderi dupatta is light and easy to handle for your summer wardrobe and can look unique for a festive occasion with just some jewellery to amp up the overall look.

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