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Banarasi Dupatta

As the name suggests, Banarasi weaves trace their origin back to Banaras (or Varanasi). Banarasi silk used to be a sign of regality and banarasi sarees and banarasi dupattas were limited to royal households only. The clothes used to be woven using threads of real gold and sometimes silver. The motifs were heavily inspired by the Mughals. With time, the popularity of these elegant weaves grew and gold threads got replaced by golden coloured threads. You can check out some elegant banarasi dupattas with price at Craft Maestros.. ...

Banarasi Dupattas has been a classic in Indian fashion. It has continued to be a part of Indian attire over several different trends. It is typically known for its weaved gold and silver zari and it is a great statement piece to pair up with the most basic attire. It is an impactful and graceful addition to an ethnic look. It is one of the basic Indian fashion pieces to include in your wardrobe for an all-time classic Banarasi look.

Dupattas are a great element to add intricate patterns, designs and colours. They are essential for all your festive season looks, you cannot go wrong with a Banarasi Dupatta. The fine and royal touch of Banarasi Silk will elevate any of your wedding or festive look. Banarasi Silk is originated from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India. Its uniqueness makes it very popular in India and across the world. The history of Banarasi Silk is equally rich. It was originally crafted for royalty and weaved from real gold and silver which used to take as long as a year to be crafted.

Today, Banarasi Silk is quite a hit from dupattas to Sarees. Earlier the silk for Banarasi Sarees was imported from China but now it comes from the southern part of India. Banarasi Dupattas are characterized for their intricate designs with gold or silver brocade or the “zari”. It is often weaved with floral designs and foliate designs. In their designs, you will also find a string of weaved leaves which are called “jhallar”. Banarasi Dupattas are known for its heavy work of gold or silver and intricate designs, metallic look and compact weaving.

The making of Banarasi Duppatas requires skilled craftsmanship to create its unique design. The designs are first drawn on graph paper and then imprinted as a pattern for punch cards. This is then used as a guide for threads during weaving. Thus, Banarasi Dupattas are crafted exquisitely and are in fact an addition of royalty to your wardrobe.

Buy Banarsi Dupatta Online

Banarasi dupattas can give opulence to even the simplest of your kurtas- this is why these flowy beauties are quite popular when it comes to festive or wedding season. Donning a heavily hand-embroidered banarasi dupatta with a plain kurti and churidaar or patiala salwar can make you ready for any important function.

Owing to the heavy embroidery, you can even ditch most of your jewellery and still have a complete look to make head turns wherever you go. You can even drape around your favourite banarasi dupatta around a skirt for a contemporary look. Shop now from our artisanal collection of banarasi silk dupattas online.

Vasl Banarasi Dupatta

This sky blue dupatta is a perfect punch of colour for your festive look. Made from pure Monga Silk, this Dupatta is made by a team of artisans exquisitely with great care and skills to put together a work that is inspired by the clear blue skies. This handwoven Dupatta is a classic to have in your wardrobe and pass over from generation to generation. Its premium quality renders a sign of luxury and comfort. You can style this Dupatta with a basic monochrome kurta set and there you have an elegant and classic Banarasi look.

Khizan Banarasi Dupatta

This pink Banarasi Dupatta represents the art of Banarasi weaving. The gold zari work of the dupatta compliments the bright pink base colour. The intricate Aztec patterns of this dupatta reflect that it is carefully crafted and with time.

This Dupatta is perfect to brighten up any plain outfit. Wear it like a statement piece in its full glory and style everything around it. Pair it up with gold jewellery for a classic look. This timeless piece will be constant in your wardrobe for all your festive looks.

Oumad Banarasi Dupatta

The Oumad Banarasi Dupatta from our collection is a muted blue dupatta with champagne gold zari work. The Duppata looks regal in its full glory. The Monga Silk fabric combines luxury and comfort. This Dupatta is perfect to pair up with your festive outfits and revamp them.

This dupatta can be styled in multiple ways. For a simple look pair it up with a basic and neutral colour. You can also mix and match this dupatta with other muted colours to amp up the look and bring together contrasting colours.

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