Jewellery Boxes Online

We all love to have different types of jewellery for various occasions. Real gold or artificial, we treasure them like anything. However, one of the most common challenges we face is storing them securely. That’s right- while expensive jewellery mostly comes in velvety boxes, our less valuable or artificial jewellery often ends up in makeshift boxes or they might just lie around in our drawers or dressers. With Craft Maestros, we have a mesmerizing handcrafted collection of jewellery boxes to secure your knick-knacks, earrings, pendants and necklaces. Our artisanal atelier comprises paper mache boxes and wooden boxes to securely store your jewellery pieces- that too in style. ...

Trinket Box

From buttons to needles, our tiny miscellaneous objects like that need a safe and secure place for their storage so we don’t have to bother much when their need arises. To tackle this situation, we have some beautiful handpainted box in our collection that are just the right picks for your knick-knacks. Our decorative boxes will not only store your tidbits securely but would also add an aesthetic element to your homes without much of your efforts. These paper mache handpainted boxes can also store your dry snacks like dry fruits or can simply be your secret storage. What are you waiting for, shop now for your favourites at great prices!

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